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Urquattro wheel/tire fitment????

Can someone point me toward the date(s) that the thread on tire fitments
for the Urquattro took place?  Or if possible, rehash for me what I could
possibly fit under my '88.  The reason I ask - I have a set of gorgeous
top-of-the-line BBS RS2's sitting at work, brand spanking new, but 17"x8"
in size.  I did some measuring and I think I could get a set of 225/45R17's
under there if the offset (ET) is right.  I am planning to save my Ronals
for the snowy season - they are not really cosmetically up to snuff.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland
'88 Urquattro
'89 Carrera 3.2