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Re: BAD NEWS RE: LT-1 Project - Little Q Content

On Thu, 28 May 1998, Dupree, Robert A. wrote:

> What  tipped me off?  Well when trying to order parts I have the ECU
> identified and it was for an engine from the '93 model year!
> So once again I will be on the prowl for a REAL LT-1 engine.

LT1s started in '94 on the Caprice. I run a mailing list for LT1 equipped
Caprices. Where are you located? I'll get the message out that you're 
looking for an engine. These are the Caprices with the police package
also called the SEO 9C1 Caprice.  You'd be looking for an engine out of a
9C1 Caprice, Impala SS or a Camaro. You could try looking for a Corvette
LT1 but they have aluminum heads and are much harder to find.


1995 9C1 New York State Police Blue
Dual A-post searchlights, FlowMaster cat-back, 
ESP Custom intake, Hypertech 160 & PP+,
custom high-stall TC, big radio, tint, Impala SS rims.

130,000 miles and counting...


Studying up on Audis for possible next car...

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