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'86 5KQt purchase + questions??

Hello Quattro nuts.
I am looking at an '86 5000 Quattro Turbo (the seller's ad says it's an 
'85) and I have a few questions, hope you can help me.
This car is badged on the trunklid as a "5000 CD", the seller says it's 
a turbo (haven't been able to drive it yet due to dead starter). The car 
is a 4 door, 5 speed. The guages are all metric (i.e.- kmh for speedo, 
liters for gas guage) It looks like maybe the car came from Canada??? 
The glass is all DOT approved so I don't think it's a Euro car. It's 
showing 272k km on the odometer, the car has some mostly surface rust 
(though the front brake rotors look very rusty on the edges). The 
interior is very good, no major tears or damage.

What I need to know is the following, in no particular order:

1) what other starter will work on this car (i.e.- non-turbo 5000??)

2) what are the main high $$$ repairs to look out for (assuming I could 
do most of the repairs myself- what are the hi $$$ parts??)

3) I could probably get the car for less than $1000- how can I go 
wrong?? (assuming we are able to get it started and it drives OK..)

4) any other words of wisdom from those who know??

thanks in advance, please reply directly to me as I an not on the List 
(YET!!) also, please reply asap as I think this deal will happen in the 
next 24 hours (if not sooner.)

Bret Luter, Raleigh, NC

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