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Re: '88 Urquattro in my garage...


Welcome to the "slightly" crazu urQ family.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

'83 urQ

At 10:55 PM 5/28/98 +0300, Jouko Haapanen wrote:
>The search is over.  Call me crazy.  I purchased the '88 MB engined
>Urquattro I've been waiting to see for a while this afternoon.  All things
>(including the mileage) considered the car is in good to excellent shape. 
>What things considered?  The car is ten years old.  The car has 374 108 km
>on the odometer.
>The car is one of the four (4) existing 88's in Finland (one 89, one 90,
>total of 46 Urq's in the country), Q1 metallic black (cannot remeber the
>name now), with the not-so-nineties brown wool(y) plaid interior.  Original
>except for stubby cell phone antenna on roof, Personal steering wheel, and
>a visit by the department of rape and pillage to the audio side - no
>equipment, just (factory) holes.
>Power antenna has been bent/broken, original 8" Ronals are worn and
>oxidized, driver's seat is wobbly and worn etc. etc.  The tires are a
>little worn - I cannot make out any tread pattern on the two rear ones...
>I think it needs shock absorbers too.
>Bomb's dead and the brakes pulsate slightly and seem uneven.  AC works. 
>Compression is 11bar across - not bad for the mileage (ringed/honed at 300
>000km).  Boost seems a little lacking - did not have time to hook up the
>gauge before having to make up my mind.  Performance is adequate, but I
>seem to recall it being better on these cars.  I'll measure that tomorrow. 
>A little rust on the left side trunk hinge mount.  Undercarriage good, rear
>subframe needs (some) bushings.  Nothing on the diagnostic side came up, I
>actually used the VAG 1551 for this - did not remember that I could
>I drove it back 300km from our rendezvous, making my buddy who was along
>with me drive the insignificant other (a loaded new A6 Avant) back.  What a
>nice car to drive.
>I'm rambling, I better make a plan of attack to get this project on the
>Jouko Haapanen
>Pori, Finland
>'88 Urquattro, 374 000km
>'89 Carrera 3.2, 37 000km