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Thank you to all who answered. I got to know, that some don't know what
car I'm talking about. Therefore I'm adding some links:

You can have a look at my S90 2doors sedan on:
and a (till now very little) page of our Club can be viewed here: (the
RIGHT car in the third picture row is my "Auto Union DKW F 102")

And now some history: The first after war Audi was simply called AUDI.
It based on the 2 stroke DKW F 102 (It has got even the 4 Auto Union
rings). They began the production in 1965, parallel to the older F102.
It had 72 bhp, and was not as comfortable as the ('66 to '72) S90.
But remember: Audi is much older, they began production in 1912. Their
plant was located in the eastern sector of Germany, it has been deported
from the Russians after the war. While Mercedes was able to start their
production right after the war, Audi (better say the Auto Union) had to
start from the very beginning (In the western part of Germany). So they
began with their cheaper mark DKW. And when people in Germany were
getting richer they changed over to Audi and constantly raised their
quality, with the result nowadays, again building one of the best German

To come back to my request:
I'm looking for an American version of the Super 90, because they were
not available as wagons in Germany (only the 80, 75, (72) and 60, which
weren't delivered to America, they have smaller motors and aren't that
comfortable as the S90.) So I need a wagon :-) , but even like to know
about sedans, as they show some differences to the European models.

All hints are appreciated, hope this was not too long,