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RE: How to check diff locks?

The diff-lock lights are controlled by switches that monitor the position of the locking mechanism in the diff(s) and not just the position of the selector knob. Actually a very nice setup. In general, you can be reasonably sure that the diff is locked if the light is lit and that it locks and unlocks OK if the light indicates so. Actuation is via engine vacuum. Did you know there are more way to spell vacuum than there are ways to spell alumininium? The lines run from the engine, through a one-way valve, to the selector and then to the actuators mounted on the transaxle and/or rear diff. The actuators are similar to those used for the door-lock actuators.


I started shopping around for my new 5000csT/q. I was wondering one thing:
how do I know if the differentials are actually locking? Will I hear a
click, or would the lights not go on if the diff doesn't lock? How are
they actuated? Engine vacuum? Remote pump? What are the locations of the
associated parts (lines, wires, etc.)?

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