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Canadian 86 4ksq for sale

With regrets, child car seats have forced the sale of one of our Audis. I
would like to keep our 5ksqt if possible and sell the 4ksq. I have not
owned it for very long. It a solid car, everything works well(even the
electric attenae!).  Paint is not perfect, but solid. Very little rust in
this one. I have repaired the few paint blisters for now and touched up
some clear coating.   I purhased the car from Roland Regal of Regal Tuning
in Calgary.  He bought it from a customer and got in top mechanical shape
again.  There is one cig burn in drivers toward the back where the seat and
back join.  Car has 232,000 kilimetres.  Bushings and timing belt recently
done by Regal. Needs new rubber. The car is in Canada, near Calgary,AB.
$3375 obo Canadian. Please reply privately to our e mail address.  Thanks.