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Re: Audi Cabrio (was: memorial day, small towns, and Audis.)

Sorry guys, I misunderstood the questions.  Kim Collins cab definately 
*DOESN'T* have the V-6.  It is an S2-esque type motor.  The stock US-Spec 
Cab's has the 2.8...

Jim - I kind of liked the wood Nardi wheel in Kim's car.   Thought it might 
look nice in my 91 CQ with the wood shift knob, wood trim, etc...

Elliot - RE: Large HP gains from the 2.8.  The only car I know of that has 
a significantly (aftermarket) modified 12v 2.8 is a rally car which was 
owned by Sakis Hadjiminas.   Sakis apparently twin-turbo charged an a Audi 
2.8 in a 90 "sport" quattro for something like 325HP! (see 
http://www.180sportsclassics.com/race/sakis.htm - although unfortunately 
there's no longer any info on the twin-turbo 90Q up there.  Perhaps you 
could e-mail him?)  The car was featured in European Car "personals" about 
two years ago, with a couple of sentences, and that's all I know about the 
car.  I sure would like to know more though.  With all of the 2.8's running 
around out there I would think that a twin-turbo "upgrade" would be *very* 
marketable.  Given that all other mods that I researched for the two 2.8s 
that I owned only would result in maybe a 20-30 HP gain.

>BTW, does the Cab still have the V6 in it?

>> No, its got an I5 S2 engine with lots of RS2 bits & pieces, K27 turbo 
>> six-speed gearbox. Oh, and a wooden steering wheel that looks well out 
>> place.

>> Jim Haseltine

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>>> Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 19:32:52 -0400
>>> From: Elliott Potter <epotter@abraxis.com>
>>> Subject: Re: Audi Cabrio (was: memorial day, small towns, and Audis.)

>>> Oh well.  I kept hoping that there was a way to pull that much HP out 
>>> the V6.
>>> - --
>>> Elliott