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Oil Check

I read with interest:

>Some months later, I decided to check the oil just
>for the hell of it. Guess what-not only was it
>down--it was DOWN TWO QUARTS. Did those idiots forget
>to fill it up? There is no *$@#ing way that it used
>up 2 quarts in 1500 miles. And there are no visible

I submit that after more than a week or so, on a practical basis, you 
have no room to argue.  A turbo can indeed consume some oil, although 
Audis are superior to most in this respect. After two months, any 
dealer in their right mind would snicker at such a complaint.  If an 
owner is only checking oil every couple of months, they are not 
practicing adequate maintenance.

As was commented earlier on the list, a wise owner will check his/her 
oil every tank of gas.  One like me (not wise, but humble and well 
above average ;-) will probably check it every second tank or so.

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