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Re: Carlsen Service-SUCKS

I usually don't defend dealers but Carlsen is good from this point of view:
they actually care.  That doesn't mean everyone there does a fantastic
job...but if you complained to the two service guys, Eric and Peter?  they
wouldv'e taken care of you.  Try it next time.

Also remember that their parts department gives a 10% discount to those who
mention this Quattro E-Mail list.

In any case I always check my car immediately after anyone fixes it anyway.
The first car I ever bought new, the first time I took it in, they changed
the oil and left the oil cap off.  Taught me a lesson very early.

Also remember that if you're only having minor things done, like anywhere,
you're gonna get the least experienced guy.  An oil change qualifies.

Now if you needed your whole f*(&%^^ing steering rack replaced on your '90
V8Q, you're gonna get the best guy!