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Need Shocks/Springs clarification

 Ok, I have an '874KSQ that has had larger wheels (P205/50R15's) put on it
by the previous owner. The wheels look great and the car in handling well.
The only problem is that the tires are scraping the wheel wells going over
bumps if I have anyone in the back seat.
 I have been following the recent discussion on shocks and springs but
haven't learned very much. I'm not sure if the suspension on my car is
tired or if I need to do something else to get the car up a bit. The
scraping with a load in the back is unacceptable for me. I was wondering if
anyone had pictures of my car with the same size tires so I could compare
wheel well clearances.
 Is there any way to tell if the parts need to be replaced or if I need to
try and raise the car a little bit? Also, will the increase in tire size
affect the spedo reading in the car? If so, how much, up or down?



BTW: It seems that the Bently for this car that was posted has been sold.
If anyone has one they want to sell, please let me know.