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5kcstq search continues...

After looking at an '87 5kcstq with 116k miles last week, I had the seller
take it to Sonnen Audi, in San Rafael, CA, for an inspection at my
expense. Here's the report:

- Power locks aren't working (whoops, I guess I should've checked that
myself). Could be costly to trace the leak and fix--up to $700, they say.

- Taillight out (and I was thinking of buying this car! Whew.)

- Slight leak around valve cover gasket, "not serious." It wouldn't be too
tough to replace the gasket, would it, especially now that I've got my

- A/C compressor out (ouch! the seller thought that the belt was just bad,
but I expected worse). $1200 at the dealer. The service guy actually
recommended going for an independent shop and aftermarket compressor.

- Needs new tires (I did know that).

They did _not_ identify the dead brake bomb, which is the one thing I can
now diagnose with confidence! He said they would check it tomorrow

Whether they corroborate the dead bomb or not, I don't think this is the
car I'm looking for. At 116k, it seems to have the original steering rack,
pump, and clutch master cylinder, too. Even if he would sell it cheap, I'm
not sure it would be a wise buy. Let me know if you disagree.

So, if I rule this one out, I'm still considering the 212k, many-new-parts
one. I believe the A/C recently went out on that car too (!), which could
be disheartening. 

If I take it to be inspected (ugh, more money), it will be here near Palo
Alto; any recommended independent shops in this area? I would like to take
it to the shop that I'll end up having most of the work done (that I don't
do myself).

Thanks again.

- Wallace White
  still searching for good 5kcstq in Bay Area