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Looking for a Q

Fellow Listees:

I'm looking for a quattro. We have friends in the Hudson Valley, Fishkill
area. She recently visited us, and became somewhat smitten by my wife's
car, an '86 5ktqw. Well, it just so happens that her Acura decided to
retire recently, and she convinced her husband to look for a Q-wagon. Since
they have 2 large dogs a sedan is not an option. So, for all you Listers in
that part of the country, if you know if anything in the area, specifically
a quattro wagon, could you let me know? I can get the info to them. (send
mail to me directly as I don't always have time to check through all the

Any help would be much appreciated. thanks

steve (looking to make another quattro believer)
kent, wa

Liz Arbaugh