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FW: Window squeaking cause discovered, not fixed

From: "R. Shayne Pavlic'" <bcpi@arias.net>
To: Rob Winchell <rbw@avs.com>
Subject: Re: Window squeaking cause discovered, not fixed
Date: Fri, May 29, 1998, 13:07

Try this:

Door panels are fairly easy to take off.  If they are the same as my 200 all
you do is make sure to pull any visable (duh') screws off there are some at
both door jambs.  Then, below the door arm rest there are several screws. 
undo these.  you will need a long screw driver for them because the are
somewhat deep in there.  becareful not to unscrew to much.  The screws will
not come out of the holes.  the work on a pinch type system that spreads a
metal piece which fits onto some brackets that are on the door themselves. 
if you unscrew to much, it is a real pain in the ass to get them threaded
into the metal part that spreads.  here is one suggeation on how to do it
without over unloosening.  turn the screws about five full turns.  then
lightly pull on the arm rest.  if it does not come off with light tugging,  
turn it a few more turns.  do this several time untill the arm rest pops
off.  when you put it back on it will have to be popped on.  this is normal.
 just hit it back on with your hand.  anyway, not that it is off watch to
see where the foam falls from.  there should be several foam pieces that
will fall out of the door panel holes where teh armrest used to be.  just
note which ones go where.  now, slide the window controls and seat memory
switches from the arm rest.  the pull straight out.  then unplug the powerin
from the switches.  note where each one goes as the are all interchangeable.
 now, on the door release, pull it open and stick your screwdriver  in and
unscrew it.  if memory serves me right, the door release handle is connected
to a braided steal line which is held in place by a clip.  undo the clip and
remove the handle.  now if I did not forget anything, you should be able to
pull the panel up and off.  oops, but first, the bottom of the panel i
believe has some plastic clips that are holding it to the door.   unless you
have an upulstery tool, just use a large flat head to pop these off.  run
your fingers along the bottom of the door panel and up the sides to make
sure all the clips have been pulled out.  (ie:  put the screw driver between
the door and the panel and pry side to side or up and down).  Now the panel
should be able to be removed.  under that should be a plastic cover.  you
can just pull that up.   duct tape will stick it back later.  putting it
back together is the opposite as pulling it apart.  just remember to make
sure everything is lined up and flush before you put any screw back in or
before you close the door.  also be sure to pull any electrical tails
throught the right holes, and that the door plunger is through it's hole.  

Good luck.  Shayne.
From: "Rob Winchell" <rbw@avs.com>
To: "Quattro" <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Subject: Window squeaking cause discovered, not fixed
Date: Fri, May 29, 1998, 18:48

A while back I posted that my driver's side window squeaks like crazy when
it's going down, but not up. Wasn't sure why.

I put the window down and looked down in there and discovered the little
rubber/felt strip along the top of the door, up against the window has come
free from the door and is "down in there". Has anyone had this problem

While I'm at it - how do I get the door panels off? I'm guessing I'm going
to need to do that.

Rob Winchell
91 200Q