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Owners Handbook for '91-on 100 Avant (Euro. spec.)

I posted a message a week or so ago to the effect that our
local dealer was selling one of these off for 1 GBP, so if
anyone on the List wanted it, I could forward it at cost
plus postage.
One Kirk Lee of KELGroup@aol.com said he would like this,
which was duly obtained, but all recent messages are
bouncing saying not accepting any mail. I can only assume
that this person has decided he doesn't want it after all,
but if not, and he reads this,  could he please contact me
Assuming no further response from the above, if anyone else
wants it on this basis, please get in touch. Details of the
thing are as follows:
'Audi Owners 'Instruction Manual' for 100 Avant models,
published 1991,
Audi reference no/ 921.561.448.20 '100 Avant englisch, 7.91'
covers the 1984cc 4cyl ; 2309cc 5cyl; 2771cc V6 petrol
engines and the 2370 and 2461cc diesel engines. 213 pages.

Cumbria, UK.