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Re: All this ur-quattro talk, may as well throw in status report

At 09:42 AM 5/30/98 EDT, you wrote:
> My ur-quattro project is moving right along if not a little slowly. When all
>was said and done the manifold with all new studs cost me $709. The manifold
>itself was $366 and the rest of the cost was the studs and gaskets.
> As I went with the OE manifold I am thinking of having it hot coated (Steve,

You mean the gaskets and studs cost nearly as much as the manifold?

>what's their web address again?). The company I emailed suggested this may be
>a way to keep the new one from cracking.
> Speaking of the manifold, I've noted that there is a threaded hole in it for
>some kind of fitting that the original did not have. The ID numbers are a
>little different too and I am hoping perhaps it is an improved version that
>won't be as prone to crack.
> I've removed four studs from the head so far and one was broken. By the
>discoloration I'd say it's been broken for a while.

I was talking to my office buddy yesterday.  His father was a master diesel
mechanic and he said his dad's old trick was to dip the exhaust studs in
Milk of Magnesia (sp?) and you'll never have problems with them.  Comments

Best regards,


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