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Our new (used) 100 wagon is great except we have a short in the above
circuit.  I don't have a wiring diagram yet but I am going to poke
around for loose connections, continuity and the like.  The PO put a
phoney alarm led in the indicator light position next to the ABS light.
Will check that last....  We are gonna do some toying with the Items on
the circuit If anyone has suggestions let us know. 

Oh one more Item.  The accelerator pedal cover has fallen off.  There
are two ears thar stick into the base of the pedal that snapped off.
Crazy glue a good option?  TIA for your responses.

Can't resist.  Has anyone done any performance improvements to their
cars to improve the pickup?  Our car has 87 octane which the PO used for
6 years.  The RB manual vol 1 states performance will be decreased with
this octane rating.  We look forward to some sunoco 94 although 91 is
the max recomended(same price on Wednsdays).  TAP has the chip, scorpion
exhaust, and K&N air filter for about $1000,00 but will probably net
less than 20hp/torque for the bunch.  Cylinder head work does not result
in much improvement either.  Has anyone added a supercharger or turbo to
the NF (~2,3 L gas engine)?  

Car handles great, AUDI, ATE and BOGE have really impressed me.  It is
not tossable but feels good and is quick on small roads and on ramps.
Thanks again. 

Yom Hong