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Re: All this ur-quattro talk, may as well throw in status report

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From: Tony Lum <tlum@flash.net>

>I was talking to my office buddy yesterday.  His father was a master diesel
>mechanic and he said his dad's old trick was to dip the exhaust studs in
>Milk of Magnesia (sp?) and you'll never have problems with them.  Comments

I've always wondered who tries these things out. Like who took the seeds out
of some berries, roasted them, ground them up, poured hot water on them and
then drank the coloured water? Or the guy who discovered that some poisonous
fungus could be eaten without any ill effects if it was cooked in milk
first - "Right, Dad, you have the boiled one, Aunt Ethel, you can try the
fried one and I'll eat this one thats been cooked in milk".
Just how many products would you have to try on exhaust studs before you
reached Milk of Magnesia?

Jim Haseltine