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Need help with Audi cell

 -=> Quoting Joseph J Chen  <=-

 JJC> I was trying to program the Audi cell phone on my 1995 A6 Quattro
 JJC> Wagon that I just bought and accidentally "locked" the phone!  Since I
 JJC> wasn't the original owner, I don't know the 3 digit code.  I've pulled
 JJC> out all the fuses one at a time, but they didn't seem to have an effect
 JJC> on the phone.  Does the phone have it's own fuse somewhere?  I checked
 JJC> under the hood in the relay box and couldn't find anything there that
 JJC> connected to the phone. Any ideas?  Thanks.

 JJC> Joseph Chen

      IF, the phone is the Motorolla unit found on earlier models,
      there is a procedure (rather simple) that anyone that deals
      with motorolla cell phones can do to unlock the phone. When
      the same thing happened on a friends Audi, the local alarm/
      car phone place unlocked it within a few minutes by jumping
      one of the connections on harness in the trunk. This made the
      unlock code 000.  The guy didn't even charge us anything.


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