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Urquattro & BBS RSII - match made in heaven

In message <199805291820.VAA15568@vtoy.fi> "Jouko Haapanen" writes:

> I was not sure how the modern, top of the line BBS wheel (17x8) would look
> with my Urquattro, thinking that I should maybe stick with the Ronals, but
> my worries were wiped off when watched the guys mount the 215/45ZR17
> Goodyear F1 shod wheels on the car.  WOW!  The wheels are ET35, and no
> problems whatsoever, especially since the original 15x8's are ET24.  So the
> wheel sits a little further in, but it looks good - and will give me
> clearance aplenty in the wheelwells once I decide on the suspension setup.

If you replace the standard Ronals with these wheels I will stop helping
you fix your car.

 Phil Payne
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