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MB Ur-questions

In message <199805302051.XAA10436@vtoy.fi> "Jouko Haapanen" writes:

> I was looking at that wonderful vacuum hose art on the underside of the
> hood earlier today - hence the questions.  The nipple pointing directly to
> the clouds (ie. vertical/upwards) is presently unoccupied on the WGFV.  The
> hose off the top of the WG belongs here?  Ok, but some knob has shortened
> the hose (actually 200mm) or at least it won't reach.  Oh well, I'll fix
> that tomorrow.

Ah.  A second symptom of someone messing around with it.

The hose connection at the top of the wastegate should point straight
to the WGFV.  It often happens that dickheads (and I didn't mention
Superchips in this context) remove the wastegate head to insert a shim,
being totally unaware that an MB's wastegate is managed _COMPLETELY_
differently from a WR's.  When they re-assemble the wastegate, they
detach the hose from the top (there isn't one on a WR, so they don't
understan its function) and they replace the wastegate cap 60 degrees

This is a real subtlety - the WR amd MB use the same wastegate cap -
but on the MB it's installed 60 degrees clockwise of the WR position.

So - next job - release all six of the retaining nuts and washers from
the wastegate cap and let it just ride up on the spring.  The distance
between the cap and the metal body of the wastegate (not the diaphragm)
should be exactly 24mm.  Any more, and an idiot has been at work.

> BTW, what happens (or seizes to happen) when it is disconnected?

It stops working as it was designed.  Bear with me.

 Phil Payne
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