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Fw: Business Leaders Wanted

> We are seeking independent partners who are self-motivated,
> highly-principled, open-minded entrepreneurs.  

[snip rest of spam]	

FYI, this sounds very much like another Amway recruitment tactic. If anyone
isn't familiar with this outfit, it is probably one of the largest
direct-sales outfits in the world. Profits are realized through "Ponzi"
and/or "Pyramid" schemes. (They've been sued on the basis of running a
pyramid but from what I understand it fell through because you don't
actually have to pay to join). 

Essentially you agree to become a Amway product distributor and a small
portion of your profit on each product sold goes to the original recruiter.

I've been approached FOUR times in the past two months by recruiters
stopping by at the dealership pretending to be interested in highline cars
like A8's or 911's. They drop the fact that they are opening a new business
and wait for you to take the bait. Ask about it and they mention that
they'd like to meet with you over coffee..etc. They don't discuss it over
the phone but prefer a "visual display of the business" and never mention
the word "Amway" until the very end. 

These guys like to talk about "opportunities" and are as slick as it comes
in salesmen. Their bag of tricks relies heavily on intrigue and the
purposed trappings of wealth that they or the company founders
(Ledbetter's?) have. 

It doesn't take a genius to realize that for the vast majority of people
these schemes are full of holes, but for those curious I know there is
information available on the net about it. I couldn't believe how many
times I've been approached recently and I'm angered that I had to sit
through a "coffee chat" to finally satisfy my curiousity. 

Watch out for I believe this group is extremely cult-like in nature. 

Sorry to hit the list with this. Mandatory Audi content: Since we sponsored
the Frihoeffer's (Spelled wrong) Race for Women this year, we managed to
get a A4 1.8t in as the official Pace Car. It ran today..... with several
hundred women "chasing" the pace car. The salesman who got to drive
couldn't help but smile. ;)

 Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 171K
92 Miata, auto, 6K, For Sale