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re: 1989 Audi 90 Q Idle hunting

Anthony, Mohammed, all,

I'm curious if you found a solution to your idle hunting. 

>I'm having similar problems with my 88 80Q.  Did the usual clean ISV
>routine.  Did'nt work.  Got fedup and dropped it off at the dealer this
>morning.  Dealer called and said that one of the vacuum hoses has a
>leak.  Not sure which one, maybe someone on the list knows.  Dealer
>quoted $12 for the hose + $$$ for installation.

I also hope that they charged you $$ and not $$$ to have the work done
on a hose.

My 88 90Q is quilty of the same, yet it is sporadic.  I'm much of the
mind that it is electronic/ engine management in nature.  When this
happens (at a light, for example), I'll shut the carr off, start it
again, and all is fine.  I find that the engine is knocking and pinging
quite a bit too.

fwiw, I think the ISV problem is more legend than reality.  with my two
90s, I've never (knock on walnut panelling) had a problem with them.

Could this be relatied to a worn out ox sensor?