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Import car show...

This morning, while out taking some early morning photographs, I stumbled
upon an import car show that was in the process of being setup ... at that
point, there were perhaps 40 cars/trucks there and I must admit that I was
impressed with the presentation of more than a few of them, 4" and 5"
exhaust tips notwithstanding.

The fact that my 200q has 17" wheels on it raised a couple of eyebrows and
several people asked to look under the hood ... for a minute, I even thought
about entering the daily-driver class (I washed the car yesterday!) but not
having any tattoos, body piercings or facial hair, I figured I would be out
of place there.  I'd sure like to know where these kids get the money to
spend on their Hondas, though...

In any event, judging by the interest shown in my 10-year old car, I'm
thinking there may be hope for Audi in this country yet!  :^)
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