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Waterpump rip-off?

How hard should it be to spin a "new" remanufactured Audi water pump for my 89

The dealership sold me an "Audi" remanufactured pump, which was very tight.
They said this was normal and it would work itself out in a few miles.  It
only lasted 6k miles.  

The dealer replaced it under the warranty, with another "Audi remanufactured"
pump that was also very hard to turn.  My independent mechanic refused to
install it.  The pump he had was very easy to spin and also cost less --
$60.00 vs. $104.  His came in a box, apparently from Germany, whereas the
dealers was in plastic bag.  Hmmmm.

Who's telling me the truth here?  Any btdt's?


Scott Spangenberg

89 200T  (my loss, not a Q!)