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Re: Suggestion needed for decent anti-mist window treatment..

>  The windows fogged again.
> I tried the defogger, but not much luck. Tried hot and cold settings
> and also just running the windows down. No luck. Even used the
> anti-mist thing on the fogged windows, but they fogged up a little
> later.
> I would like to know what anti-misting products listers recommend.
> I have tried the Holts anti-mist fluid before, but gave up 'cos it
> didn't go on too well.

Rain X makes stuff called Fog-X.  Yes, it works, but you need more than
something to stop fogging.  You are humidifying your car somehow, could
be a leaking heater core, (smell coolant at all?) or maybe an AC
evaporator drip tray full of water?  Gotta stop the source first.

Huw Powell