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MO Comp wheels & unsprung weight

Jeffrey Goggin wrote:

> Hear, hear ... not only does my Ur-Q perform better with 8x17
> Compomotive MO wheels and 235/40-17 SP-8000s, I think it _looks_ better
> as well.  I can only assume Phil's never driven one so equipped since I
> can't imagine he'd prefer the OEM 8x15 wheels and 215/50-15 Pirelli
> tires otherwise...

I've been considering new wheels for my A4 30v, and the MO's made it to my
consideration list.  So I contacted them, and asked them about the price
and weight of the wheels.  For the 17x7.5, they told me that it would be
25 lbs a wheel!  I know there's alot of weight at each corner as it is,
but that would be about 10-12 pounds more per corner, including tires.

My question is, how much of a difference in handling would it be?  Any
ballpark ideas?  The other wheels that I'm looking at are Borbet type T
wheels and BBS RC's, though the BBS's don't come in quite the size that I
was looking for (17x7.5).

Warren Wang, wwang@dallas.net
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