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Re: Good driving lights

Fellow Audi fanatic,
    I have Bosch driving lights on my car and to make them a little better I
installed 100W h3 bulbs in them.  They make a huge difference and are
relatively inexpensive ($75 cdn.).  I mounted them under the bumper.

Stefan Bendevis, audiman@sprint.ca
1987 5000 CD Quattro (1.8 bar QLCC, 3" exhaust including cat, soon to have
Konis to go with H&R springs)

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From: Michael Williams <daserde@ucla.edu>
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Date: May 27, 1998 12:05 AM
Subject: Good driving lights

>hey all, one more thing. In addition to the other upgrade question i
>have, i have one more.
>Since i cant afford the euro headlights just yet, what is a good,
>relatively inexpensive, worthwhile to buy driving light?
>i dont want fog: driving only.
>Are the Hella 550's that good?
>and can someone give me a procedure to wire them in, or at least point me
>in the right direction as the archives are scary.
>Michael Sheridan Williams
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