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Pulling motor question.


I'm currently not on the list, but do read the archives.  

Due to a recent move, I've got to do a few things to have my car pass
inspection.  One of which is replacing the motor mounts and repairing
the exhaust manifold.  Also, it appears the head gasket is toast as

What I plan to do is pull the motor and take care of several things at
once:  new clutch, water pump, timing belt, crankshaft seals, etc.

My question is if it's possible to pull the motor with the tranny
attached?  I have all the tools neccesary to do so, and looking at the
car (I'm sorry, it's an '85 GT with 167k) would it be easier to pull it
out or to remove the sub frame and drop it?  I have stands, but not a

Any BTDT, or old timer advice?  Or, better yet, things NOT to do?


Cello Souza

'85 Coupe GT 167k
'85 5k 323k