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DasErde2@aol.com's ramblings..

I tend to be somewhat of a lurker, but this I couldn't let go by without a

>Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 15:29:54 EDT
>From: DasErde2@aol.com
>Subject: Can someone give me some info to refute this?

_____________misc facts(?), opinions, and vulgarities snipped______________

3 points:   1)  the torsen, in and of itself is neither good nor bad, the
                     may be, but that is not your argument...I could cite a
dozen or more
                     examples of racing teams that can make far more hp and
better handling
                     with a Ford instead of a GM product and vice versa, not
local racers, but BGN and Winston
                     Cup crews...fwiw, the NHRA Pro Stock Bike team that I
work on (C&C Motorsports)
                     used to use Kawasaki powerplants, now we run Suzuki,
does that make the Kawasaki
                     street bikes crap, or for that matter, Suzuki
better....you hit the nail on the head when
                     you said "Audi is using a non-production product on
their race cars." Hey, I'm buying a
                     Taurus, can I get the same motor and chassis the
Winston Cup guys use?? (only kidding,
                     no GM metal for me) Well, would the salesman be able to
deliver, even close??? Methinks
                     that I would be laughed out of the showroom..If it is a
Porsche you would truly rather drive,
                     I have a 79 928 with only 42K on it, for sale, cheap,
wanna guess why I've only put about 3K
                     miles on it in 2 years?(vs. 10K in 3 mos. on my 200q)
and why it's not even registered
                     right now?????? For that matter, drive a '70's 911 and
tell me it's even close to the UrQ
                     in terms of handling, I have, overall driveability is
far better on the UrQ.....stock to stock,
                     both unmodified...fun to drive factor, tough
call...Only wish I'd bought the one I ran across
                     in 87 though.........I love both marques and sorry, but
day to day driving, the 200Q is my
                     first choice....

                2) My assumption is that the majority (99%+) of the list are
fairly intellegent
                    adults, and far above the societal median, thus your use
of foul and vulgar
                    language simply asserts that you definatly belong in the
1% that isn't. Your
                    stating of opinions, not supported by facts, regardless
of who makes them, e.g.
                    "He speculated that it's definitely possible for the
Torsen to cause this." SPECULATED!!!
                    without working the numbers, he made what can be an
educated guess...care to think
                    what happens when our data logger isn't working and I
have to make an educated guess
                    on clutch settings, without the data from the last
run???? usually I get it right 20% of the
                    time...show me any traction control and let me loose for
an afternoon, I can make ANY
                    traction control system goof, as can any experienced

                 3) Basing an entire argument on someone's speculation is
faulty to begin with, all arguments
                     and any assumptions based on such speculation are
suspect...period...building a tower of
                     facts based on such speculation is sure to fail.....if
it's armchair racing you want, hey, I love
                     it too, but please...have you eliminated any and all
other variables in your chassis before laying
                     the blame squarely on the torsen, should be easy enough
to tell, just tear into the diff and lock
                     it, would answer the question once and for all,
wouldn't it???

(hoping I don't get flamed too bad...)

erie patsellis
89 200q
79 928