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RE: Can someone give me some info to refute this?

>What a joke.  The all powerful "quattro" isn't even the real system they use.
>All those wins, all those supposed victories, was all just BS.  I don't blame
>BMW for getting angry, Audi is using a non-production product on their race
>cars.  That is the definition of an unfair advanatge!!!!!  If their road
>system was so good, why the hell don't they use the thing?  Are the stupid?
>Can you invent another excuse for this?

Methinks you doth protest too much.  I assure you BMW and Porsche use just
as many non-production parts on the cars they race as Audi does ... the only
difference is that Porsche will make some of them available as option
packages (remember the M030 944Ts that ran in IMSA?) and Audi won't/hasn't.
Big deal.

I also think that if I were an Audi engineer and had to make decisions as to
what spec car will best serve the average Audi owner, day-in and day-out,
I'd probably make many of the same choices for the production cars.  I
personally don't think the brakes on either of my 200q or Ur-Q are all that
hot but my father thinks they're a LOT better than those on his '91 100
and/or my mother's '87 5kw ... horses for courses.

And speaking of Pike's Peak, read the article in Excellence about Jeff
Zwart's cars ... they're FAR from stock even though they're Porsches.  What
does that tell you?
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