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re: bra for an 85 4kq

>>On Sat, 30 May 1998, Michael Williams wrote:
>> Well, actually, im worried about the whole thing since its a brand new 
>> paint job and i am about to take a 1300 mile each way trip, so its worth 
>you might want to reconsider.  I know that after a fresh paint job,

Do you really want a "bra" on your car?  (flame mode = on)
My mom's '95 has paint chips gallore on the hood, and I have to confess,
it doesn't look good.  Interestingly, my '90 has virtually no chips. 
This leads me to believe that driving style may play a role.  Keeping
larger distances from cars and trucks seems to be a good idea.  If
everyone is going, oh, 30mph slower than you are, this might be hard...

> anything that sits on the paint and rubs against it is not exactly a great
> thing... I'm not sure the exact time to cure 100%, but you may want to

Alternatively, what about putting a couple layers of colored electrical
tape on the edge of the hood?  With good color match, it is probably
unnoticeable from a distance.  I only wonder it provides enough
buffering from stones...

Good luck,