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re: Can someone give me some info to refute this?

> Mike, I am going to try to put every thing I have found to say Audi sucks as a
> performance car, at least at the road production level.  I am just going to be
> objective, and take everything that I know and put it down straight.  Let's
> start with Chocholek:

There are alot of different cars out there in the world.  I personally
like my 
Audis, and there are alot of other Audis I like a whole lot as well.

There are also other cars out there I like too (namely Porsches, Benzes,
and even 
Bimmers), but there are no other cars that are just like Audis.  You
either like them, 
or you don't.  (actually, it's my opinion that if you can't appreciate
an Audi, then 
you're closed-minded, because they really are nice)

Reading the argument, it makes me wonder.  What's the point?  Is someone
trying to 
convince another to like or stop liking a certain type of car?  Then
what?  Somebody 

I like my Audis, and I'm going to enhance them the best that they can be
enhanced. Then, 
I will have a car I really like, and it will be like no other.  There
will be only a 
few people who truly recognize what I've built, among the entire globe
of sheeple who don't understand how much character, and performance, and
luxury, and sound a car can and should have.

It's all about character for me.  A very small part of me would like to
have a sweet-ass turbo AWD talon, but where's the flavor?  Where's the
personality?  It's like driving a goddam Nike shoe advertisement, or
smiling drinking a Pepsi?  It might be okay for some, even most people,
but not for me.

If people wanna think it sucks, they can think it sucks.  I don't spend
my efforts trying to convince Mustang owners (enthusiasts, actually, if
we're talking the bizzaro-version of our beloved quattro list-members),
that they're cars are crude, poor handling, finesse-lacking, ugly,
plastic, pieces of poo poo, do I?  Personally, I wouldn't mind feeling
the thrust that they feel when they take off from a stoplight.  But I
wouldn't give up my Audi, and everything else that it gives me, for it.

To each his own.  Frankly, if more people liked Audis, I might start
liking them a bit less.  (thank god I don't think I have to worry about
that, right folks! ;-)

I like Audis.  I drive Audis.  I like Audis.