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Re: Waterpump rip-off?

SSpangenbe@aol.com wrote:

>How hard should it be to spin a "new" remanufactured Audi water pump for my 89

Very easy. Some are a bit tight initially and loosen up later, but it
sounds like you have a defective example.

>The dealership sold me an "Audi" remanufactured pump, which was very tight.
>They said this was normal and it would work itself out in a few miles.  It
>only lasted 6k miles.

When I crashed my old Audi 80, the water pump was dead (bent the pulley). I
replaced it with one that came as brand new in a box, but cost nothing.
Why? It didn't turn. I used some silicone spray on it, and hey presto- one
perfect water pump. It was a lot less noisy than my previous unit. This
might work for you, too.

>The dealer replaced it under the warranty, with another "Audi remanufactured"
>pump that was also very hard to turn.  My independent mechanic refused to
>install it.  The pump he had was very easy to spin and also cost less --
>$60.00 vs. $104.  His came in a box, apparently from Germany, whereas the
>dealers was in plastic bag.  Hmmmm.

Did the 'new' pump look old and crusty? If it's nice and clean, at least
the 'remanufacturing' consisted of a clean, which might have left some
deposits inside the housing which prevent the pump from turning.
However, I agree that a new pump should turn easily. They don't generally
loosen up by themselves AFAIK.



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