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RE: Coil Over installation

Just FYI, the duct tape does not bear any load or force or hold anything together whatsoever. The Duct tape is used only to build up the outside diameter of the strut very slightly such that the threaded piece fits snugly over the strut. It's no big deal.


"Bruce Bell" <bbell04@ibm.net>
> I have the Todd Candey Kit and while he never mentioned Duct tape It is a
> good idea to put some silicone caulking between the threaded sleeve and the
> strut housing.  I also used the Ultra Blue RTV compound on the adjustable
> perch and hat. to hold things in place. (Mike Tipton gets credit for this
> tip)
> Bruce 
> > >go through the center.  There are no camber plates.  No, i dont send
> > >them my struts, and their instructions are very clear.  Once i talked to them
> > >for five minutes, i knew exactly what they were going for.  You do have 
> > >to wrap the housing in duct tape to grip the adjustor and keep it from 
> > >rotating, but the rest seems very good...
> > 
> > Yikes!  The duct tape is the "bug" I was referring to!
> > I was afraid to the above.  Whenever I hear "duct tape" and suspension
> > kit in the same sentence, I start to worry.  I don't think there is any duct
> > tape in the Todd Candy kit, BTW.  Thanks for the info.

ROFLMAO!  Yeah, for some reason duct tape seems kinda hokey to me too! 
I don't 
know what better options there are out there, but I remember seeing duct
under the threaded perches on a certain turbo 4k that made it into a

I don't know if I would end up using duct tape myself (I might have to),
it just struck me as funny that this came up in conversation.  I
thinking, "hmm...  Is that duct tape under there?"  I didn't ask.

No offense anyone! :-)