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Re: Brakes and ATE Powerdiscs

I use Brembo x-drilled, and am very happy with them.  

I also think that stainless steel brake lines are worth the upgrade.

'90 CQ

On Fri, 29 May 1998, Jim Griffin wrote:

> I've been uns*bbed for a bit (and still am), but have been lurking the
> archives. Time to jump in on the brake thread.
> As you might recall, I had posted a while back about my warped brake
> rotors. I ordered a set of ATE Powerdiscs (you know... the funky-looking
> slotted ones) to cure the problem and try "upgrading" at the same time.
> Well, at first I thought that the superior braking was just because the
> rotors were no longer warped... but the more I drive my car, and the more I
> think about it... I DEFINITELY notice a big improvement with the
> Powerdiscs. Wet weather braking is also vastly improved... it is now
> essentially the same as dry conditions.
> Boy, up until this experience, I underestimated how important GOOD (or
> should I say GREAT?) brakes are to the whole driving experience. The
> confidence it instills makes you a better and safer driver. It also makes
> it more fun!! :-)
> So, in a nutshell, I recommend the Powerdiscs. I'm not sure about other
> slotted rotors.... anyone BTDT with other brands?
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