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Re: K40 defuser or similar (no Audi content/min)

There was discussion on these a long time ago. As I recall, they do not
However, one lister did use a single driving light, as I recall, with a
904nm filter on it to effectivley jam laser. All this did was to send back a
stronger signal in the band that the laser gun uses and preventing it from
getting a lock.  The guns reportedly alert the offficer when they are being
jammed like this. By completely sealing the light for light leaks, it was
invisible even at night. Believe he mounted in in back of the grill.  I have
heard the runnning brights/driving lights in the daytime will make it mopre
difficult for the laser gun to lock on to you. Not sure how true that is.

mike miller
91 200q

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Date: Monday, June 01, 1998 2:35 AM
Subject: K40 defuser or similar (no Audi content/min)

>I was thinking of gettin a laser defuser such as the K40 unit since LIDAR
>getting more popular around where I live.  Anyone have any experience these
>things?  They work or just a waste of money?