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re: HELP! I made a big bobo

"Paul  Luevano" <prl@ptc.com>
> <Kinda long, important stuff near the end>


I'm really sorry to hear that man.  That sucks.  Don't feel bad, 
everything happens for a reason.

I once had a project Toyota truck (it was an ex "show" truck, that had 
been through a _lot_), and I took some parts off of it for my daily 
driver, another Toy truck.  One of the parts I took off was the hood 

I replaced the head gasket after getting a valve job, and finally got it 
running (it was my first experience with such a major mechanical 
operation).  (I also rebuilt the carburetor, because I thought it was 
messed up, but it only had paint chips on the fuel screen!)

Anway, I finally got it running and was driving down the street.  In all 
the excitement of getting it running, I completely forgot that the hood 
was totally unlatched.  Next thing I know, it's like on Chip's (the TV 
show), my goddam hood flies straight up and crunches the wiper cowl.

<sigh>  That was a big letdown.  The cowl wasn't even stock either, it had 
the passenger wiper shaved off.  (I know it's hokey, but I was in 
high school, and bought it that way for cheap)

Another time, I was parked in my beloved daily driver Toyota truck (first 
vehicle), talking to a friend in his truck with my door open.  He backed 
into the door, opening it more.  I could hear it crackle, but he stopped 
short of flipping it completely out.

There's probably a hundred stories out there, I know it doesn't help you, 
but you're not alone.  A few weeks back, a guy on the BMW list was 
changing his wipers, and let the bladeless arm smack his windshield and 
cracked it.  I think it was a very late model, expensive one too.

Good luck,