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can audis/vws take v.high mileage??

I'm looking at a couple of audi 80 sports (UK) - (4000 1.8injection 
in the US i think). (also same engine in 1.8 8valve golf/jetta)
The cars are both 86, with v. little rust.
one has been owned for last 7 yrs by a lady who's covered most 
of the 190k miles- probablly motorway miles . - It also has been 
fairly trouble free.
the other has also had only 2 owners and done 200k miles and has been 

both obviously have FSH (non dealer for several yrs)

The lady is asking 800 GBP but has had little interest because of the 
The 200k is asking 650 GBP.

Will these engines take much more mieage- or am i asking for trouble?

(I am fairly good with DIY and have fixed clutches etc. but am not 
too confidet to mess with engine rebuild)

TSR  performance in the UK offer rebuild for ~600 GBP (without head)
should I try negotiating with this figure in mind ? assuming that the 
engine will die soon.
I also only need the car for 4 mnths over the summer. 

What do u think? what are they worth / should I offer??

Your opinions are much appreciated.


(please rply via email)