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RE:Tail lamps painting

>Anyone on the list have experience with this type of thing?  Anyone know if 
>it Is it available in the U.S.?

VHT makes a product called "Night Shades" that works fairly well and can be
ordered by anyplace that carries VHT products (i.e., just about any
speed-shop in North America).  The company's headquarters are about five
miles away from me and, last time I checked, they were willing to sell
directly as well.  I don't know the order number but this is for the main
office: (602) 991-8002.

I've successfully used it on several occasions and while it does leave a
slightly rough texture to the finish, this can be polished out somewhat and
it seems to hold up pretty well.  If you're going to paint the panels all
the way across your trunk lid, you might want to buy two cans since they're
fairly small...

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