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Re: Audi Service, continued

Hairy green toads from Mars made twain mein say:

> As you may recall, I was extremely peeved--and
> figured that Carlsen had neglected to fill the oil at
> the 7500 mile change; I had to add two quarts after
> driving only 2400 miles after the oil change.
> So, I finally called Carlsen to see what they would
> say; I tried to trap the service manager by saying: 
> "How bad is it if your '98 Audi A4 has been running
> two quarts low"
> His response "Not a problem; the A4 typically burns
> about a quart per 800 to 1500 miles. It isn't a
> problem at all".
> After he said this, I explained that my car had used
> 2 quarts in 2400 miles and he reiterated that this is
> not abnormal for the A4 quatt.

My 90Q20V is spec'd to burn up to 1-2 liters/3000 miles.
It typically does....


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