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RE: Can someone give me some info to refute this?

> Mike, I am going to try to put every thing I have found to say Audi
> sucks 
I was at a Fiat club show this weekend with a friend who is a real Fiat
enthusiast.  I don't really like Fiats per se, but hey, it's a car, it
was a car show, sounded like fun.  It was fun.  I wore my Qclub
tee-shirt (even drove the 5kcst;  on a side note, my Audi _was_ the
fastest car there :-)  ).  Whilst appreciating all the hard work these
guys were putting into their cars, some JACK-ASS notices my tee-shirt.

"I had a car just like it", refering to the Ur-Q on the tee-shirt.  Hey,
I'm thinking, "cool".  Kindred spirit.  


He launches on the Ur-Q in particular and Audi in general.  Says he's an
automotive engineer, did all kinds of tests on UA, blah blah blah.  

"I sold that piece of sh*t for $3,500, and was delighted to hear the new
owner crashed it into a SUV", at which point I became revolted by this
jerk.  To wish damage (and possible death) on another is sick.  I know
the guy he sold the car to, he's in the club, on the list, _super_ nice

The reason I write this is I think cars are like women (sorry Dee).
There is no right or wrong, you love 'em 'cause you love 'em.  It's the
b*tthead zealots like this clown that, 'cause of an over-inflated
opinion of themselves, screw it up for the rest of us.  Anybody who
says, "Yours sucks, mine's better" (read:bigger) by their own logic
(lack of) ought to be driving a Honda Civic.  Awesome mileage,
inexpensive to maintain, good resale, etc, etc, etc.  Super logical.  

I met a bunch a bunch of guy who drove 2 cylinder aircooled Fiats
smaller than most shopping carts, meticulously maintained.  Why?
Because they love them.

I drive an Audi.  Why?  Because I love them.  It's the most logical
arguement there is...

Gary M. Lewis
1986 5000   CS Turbo 5 Speed   195,000 miles 1.8 bar