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Re: Discussion, Please

Brett Dikeman <brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net> wrote:
> DOT 5 is the wacked out stuff, I thought, and was incompatible(very much
> so) with DOT 4 fluid.  I thought DOT4 was silicone...arg.  I'm far from
> an expert in brake fluids, so take my words with a pound of salt...but I
> do remember that there was one type of fluid that simply can not be mixed
> with the most common fluid(which I thought was 4.)

Well, DOT 5 is the silicone stuff that's a big no-no to mix with the 
others, or use in a system that has used the others.  The other two (3 
and 4) must be damn close to each other, because the bottles are usually 
listed as compatible with either.  Those two are the "normal" ones.

I'm sure someone will post the brake fluid FAQ or something...