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Pearl Paint Color

I was at the local dealer today picking up an air filter and the one of the
salesman told me that the pearl paint color is going to be or is no longer

Is this true?  He said it applied to all models effective somewhat immediately
and certainly to any '99 models.

Why would this be so? I was thinking of buying a Audi in '99 or ?'00 depending
on the market, but if the pearl is going to longer be available I would
probably by something now.

Can anyone shed any light on this?  what are the true facts and why would Audi
discontinue a trademark color that has been copied by so many of the lesser

Please respond to my personal e mail  davesenu@aol.com.

Thanks and sorry if this has already been discussed, I have not been able to
keep up for a while now.

Dave Senum
'98 Passat (but, want an A4 or A6)