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200t overboost problems

OK so I got home last night and opened up the wastegate to check for a
damaged diaphragm. It was in good shape with no visible problems. I went
over the hoses and clamps around the wg and saw no cracks or other obvious
signs of wear-damage. I think I'll replace them all this weekend anyway,
including new clamps of course. I did find something curious when I opened
the wg however. My spring has two vertical (i.e. top to bottom across the
coils) light blue painted lines. Is this normal? I am wondering if this is
an after-market spring, as this may be part of the problem if so. Next
step, replace those hoses, and stay off the boost until then.

PS my driver's side interior handle to latch wire-cable snapped this
weekend. Anyone replace one of these before? Are they hideously expensive
and do I have to but a complete assembly? I already opened the door up so I
could extract the 3" of cable that remained attached to my door latch,
looks like an easy job.

and thanks to every one who has given me advice so far, especially Robert.

Matthew Twigg
1987 4kscq healthy
1989 200t with *too much* 8^^O Power