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RE : beds of snow and stupid tarts

>Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 23:27:53 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Dan Simoes <dans@ans.net>
>Subject: beds of snow and stupid tarts


Sorry to hear about your accident and resulting soreness. Hopefully the latter 
is very temporary.  

Your point about car safety is well taken. Since way before it became law, 
I've always worn seatbelts (it's such a habit that I feel naked driving 
without them), and nowadays my young kids sit in the back and belt up as 
habit.  Any one really wondering just how fragile and exposed they are 
unbelted in a car, imagine this little test: sprint full tilt, face first, 
into a concrete wall. Then consider that if you're in pretty good shape you 
were only doing about 12 MPH.  Heck, if the car has hit something and stopped, 
your free-flying body doesn't have to be doing 50 or 60MPH to do some serous 
damage. Let alone cleaning all that blood from the car interior. 

Crashworthyness is one of the main reasons I've been heavily reconsidering 
selling my 200TQ. My idea has been to lease an extended-cab minipickup to 
replace it - the kids would probably love to sit in the back of the cab, but 
since looking at the trucks I am having second thoughts as to the kids' safety 
in a crash, from any angle but especially a side impact. (I miss having a 
truck, but I'm wondering about buying one of those $500 trailers and putting a 
hitch on my GTX (eek!). 

Anyway, hope you feel better soon (or already...I'm once again behind in my 

Frank M. 
'90 200TQ
'88 323 GTX