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Re: Brand-New q Won't Start!

Kerry Griffith wrote:
> A6q avant with 590 miles wouldn't start this morning (overnight low approx 45 deg F). Cranking seemed weak previous to this, now motor barely turned over. Symptomatic of bad battery. I've posted this because:

That sucks!

> 2. Want to know if Audi has "roadside assistance" on new cars.

Yes, call your dealer or 1-800-2FIXCAR or something like that...there
should be a little card that has Audi Advantage information on it in
your glove box.

> 3. If no to #2, would a decent dealer come 30 miles to take care of it?

I imagine that a dealer who cares would.

> Kerry
> 91 200q w/mods
> 89 80q bulletproof!
> 98 A6q DEAD!


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