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Re: 4000 Turbo Quattro Article

"george achorn" <coolidge@tidalwave.net> wrote:
>  I was surfing the web and found some info that had been posted to the
>  list way back on the subject of a 4000 Turbo conversion. Apparently there was
> an article on just such a car in the Feb 1988 issue of VW & Porsche (EC)
> called California Quattro. 
>  Does anyone have that VW & P issue? My collection goes back to 1990. I
>  was wondering if you do if you could xerox the article and send it to me, or
> atleast fax it. I can mail you the $ it costs to copy it, along with a
> self addressed envelope. Thanks-G

That article is about the Callaway conversion that was available for those 
cars, I believe.  I've never seen or read it.