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Re: Oil pump...

Something funny going on here with this part number for the oil
pump. Can anybody help with this? The story follows.

My mechanic told me I need a new pump (lifter clatter, low pressure,
big-end bearing death at cylinder #5, noise). I called the agents,
they gave the part number as 034 115 105D. I have conversed via
e-mail with a few parts suppliers. All come back and indicate the
part number as 034 115 105A for the MC Gen-1 engine. I was also
informed that the part needed for the MC is different for the
one required for the normally aspirated car (the 5k and 100).
I looked at The Parts Connection website (www.thepartsconnection.com)
when directed that way by a lister. The indicated oil pump part
number for the "1989 Only" 200q Turbo (through VIN# 44-K-004457)
is 034 115 105A, and this is the same for the 1989 only 100q, the
"91 Only" 200tq (20-valve) and the 1980-1988 5000 variety cars (N/A,
TQ, and Turbo).

Does anyone know if there's some major difference between the "A"
and "D" units? I have the feeling we've been led on the wrong track
with the "D" unit. The oil pump for the NA motors of the 5k (up to
1988) are available from other sources other than the agents and are
much cheaper. I need to know if the units are the same between the
MC and other motors.

TIA and sorry for the waste of bandwidth.

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