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Re: urQ volts

When my battery light began to glow even brighter than normal, it was
shortly before the fuse block went south.  If you're actually seeing 12.3
at the battery, however, it could be a bad cable or ground.  Are you using
the same reference ground for both measurements?

'83 urQ

At 07:26 PM 6/2/98 -0700, fred smith wrote:
>I think this has been discussed before.I am interested in BTDT's
>to "lost voltage" between the post on the alternator (13.86V) and the
>reading at the battery (12.3v).Last night,after a spirited drive from
>The Hudson Valley NY to Salem MA. 75/80 mph for three hours,the battery
>indicator light was glowing feintly.Checked the voltage at the cig. ltr,
>with the engine running,12.2 v. Voltage at the alt term. and battery
>stated above.Periodically the battery goes dead after a few days of
>This doesn't happen every time though.I have had the car sit for 2
>and strt right up.Other times it's dead the next day.I ahve checked the
>connections at the alternator and the starter.They are ok.Any ideas from
>the collective wisdom on the list?TIA>